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Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Released Today

As I’m writing this my laptop is upgrading from 9.10 to the new 10.o4 LTS version of Kubuntu. Kubuntu released the new version today.( [...]

Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Upgrade Woes

Introduction If you are following me on Twitter then you already know.  My wife decide when the upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 when the pop-up s [...]

Part Two Of The "Laptop How To" Series Published

Introduction A while a go part one of the “Laptop How To” was released.  Because of some internal site changes on Bright Hub pa [...]

How To Upgrade Laptop Memory / How To Replace Laptop Memory

Are you taking your laptop to the Geeksquad for a memory upgrade? There is no need to go to them do it yourself. Is your laptop freezing up [...]

Missing adept_notifier(the update notifier)?

For some reason my adept_notifier disappeared I really don’t know why must have clicked on something and quite the wrong icon or somet [...]
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