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How to partition new hard drives the easy way

I haven’t found any partitioning app. for Kubuntu(or Ubuntu) that is better then GParted. I’ve tried others like QTParted but th [...]

How to get Atheros AR242x wireless to work.

Windows drivers are here Aug 18 2008: This is a The old version and this solution isn’t recommended anymore please use: the solution i [...]

How to change Terminal colors.

This How To uses some of the stuff described in The Basics. The following sites helped out in writing this How to: Linux Self Help Life Hack [...]

What folder or file takes up the most space.

“Mini How To” What folder or file takes up the most space. So your drive is filling up and you want to create some free space.  [...]

So I've Installed Kubuntu, now what?

“How to use Adept Package Manager to install packages” Allot of Kubuntu(or Linux in general) evangelists will tell you that Term [...]
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