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Want To Boot Linux From A Flash Drive?

I have tried a lot of different Linux distro’s, they all have iso’s you can put on a CD. But this would take a crazy number of C [...]

Fix Kopete Crashing On MSN Sign In

“Mini How To”: Fix Kopete Crashing On MSN Sign In Why? I have experienced some crashes with my Kopete lately.  Every time MSN w [...]

dd With Progress Bar? Try dcfldd

UPDATE the below described method doesn’t work any more click here to read “dd With Progress Bar 2.0” “Mini How To” d [...]

How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used

“Mini How To” How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used. Introduction You know how to skip through the commands by using the arrow u [...]

Clone A Drive With dd

“Mini How To” Clone A Drive With dd Cloning under Windows always requires a third party application.  In Linux we can use a build in co [...]

fstab demystified how to add partitions and more

In this post you will learn to understand fstab and it’s entries. This post is a follow up to: How to partition new hard drives the ea [...]

Sound problem fixed.

As said I have a A205-S5825 Toshiba Laptop, and I was surprised when sound worked out of the box but dmix didn’t. Haven’t been a [...]

Missing adept_notifier(the update notifier)?

For some reason my adept_notifier disappeared I really don’t know why must have clicked on something and quite the wrong icon or somet [...]

How to get Atheros AR242x wireless to work. 2

**11-07-2008** Here is the Solution currently used on 8.10: How To Get Atheros AR242x To Work On 8.10 Intrepid Ibex **10-23-2008** This how [...]

What modules device drivers have got installed

“Mini How To” What modules and device drivers have got installed. For this Kubuntu Linux also has a simple command: lsmod This w [...]
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