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You Don't Miss It Until You Don't Have It Peek 9

I must say these forced weeks with out my Peek have really shown me how important the Peek is to me.  When I switched from my cellphone to [...]

Peek Releases Peek 9 For Pre-order Today

Peek is releasing an new version of the trusted Peek.  In this case it is a software update with significant changes, making the device fas [...]

Nieuwe Plek Voor Nederlandse Blog Posts

Zoals degene van jullie, die engels lezen, hebben kunnen lezen mijn hyves blog heeft een nieuwe locatie.  Ik heb besloten om wat van mijn b [...]

Searching For A Low Spam Solution

I have found myself in spam hell the last couple of months.  Not so much because of my laptop or desktops, they all run spamassassin.  No [...]
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