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We Have a Android in Our Lives

Yes the phone, my wife bought a HTC Aria. ¬†As all of you know I don’t use a smartphone, I don’t even use a cellphone anymore. ¬ [...]

You Don't Miss It Until You Don't Have It Peek 9

I must say these forced weeks with out my Peek have really shown me how important the Peek is to me.  When I switched from my cellphone to [...]

Content 2.0 For UnDiff.com is Coming

I decided that besides the new laptop I am now writing this post on (thanks to all that donated or bought items on Ebay) it was time to get [...]

Laptop Breaking Down Sooner Rather Then Later

I am in need of a new laptop sooner then thought initially. I have to fast track my research for a new laptop. I will also need to get some [...]

Huh!?! Ultra Portable Means What?

The basic definition for Ultra Portable is a notebook that weighs less than 4 lbs. If you really dig into what Ultra Portable is than you wi [...]

Thinking Of A New Ultra Portable Purchase

I have been thinking lately it’s time to get something ultra portable. ¬†What I’m looking for is something small and light, with [...]

RSS Verdwenen, Keyboard Pijn

Ik kwam er vandaag na een update van mijn blog software achter dat de RSS feeds die hier rechts de zijbar vulde met blog posts van familie e [...]

Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Upgrade Woes

Introduction If you are following me on Twitter then you already know.  My wife decide when the upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 when the pop-up s [...]

Took The Plunge Jaunty Jackalope Kubuntu 9.04 On Laptop

Introduction After a problem with the Kubuntu update to KDE 4.2, the laptop reinstalled the desktop all together, I’m now running the [...]

Eindelijk Een Datum

Het heeft even geduurt maar we hebben een datum.  Ik kon niet eerder plaatsen want de dokter heeft gezegt dat ik moest rusten en niet op de [...]
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