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Content 2.0 For UnDiff.com is Coming

I decided that besides the new laptop I am now writing this post on (thanks to all that donated or bought items on Ebay) it was time to get [...]

Peek Releases Peek 9 For Pre-order Today

Peek is releasing an new version of the trusted Peek.  In this case it is a software update with significant changes, making the device fas [...]

Redesign, Maybe Even Re-Branding of Madberry.org

I have been thinking of doing yet another redesign of madberry.org.  I am seriously considering to even re-brand my blog.  Several SEO  [...]

Thinking Of A New Ultra Portable Purchase

I have been thinking lately it’s time to get something ultra portable.  What I’m looking for is something small and light, with [...]

Feels Like Christmas

I’ve been writing articles for Bright Hub since October of 2008.  I love it it’s a good way to get my knowledge across to a big [...]

Hyves schijnt weer te werken

Het schijnt dat Hyves eindelijk de feedreader gerepareed heeft.  Dus we kunnen weer beginnen met posten. Alles is perfect hier we gaan nog [...]
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