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How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used

“Mini How To” How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used. Introduction You know how to skip through the commands by using the arrow u [...]

Using Script-fu in GIMP

I upload images a lot and needed a way to batch resize 35 or more for use. When putting a photo gallery online with 30 or more images, it so [...]

fstab demystified how to add partitions and more

In this post you will learn to understand fstab and it’s entries. This post is a follow up to: How to partition new hard drives the ea [...]

Maximum number of clients reached.

I’ve been getting this error lately “Maximum number of clients reached”. After doing some research if found out it was a s [...]

Sound problem fixed.

As said I have a A205-S5825 Toshiba Laptop, and I was surprised when sound worked out of the box but dmix didn’t. Haven’t been a [...]

How to get Atheros AR242x wireless to work. 2

**11-07-2008** Here is the Solution currently used on 8.10: How To Get Atheros AR242x To Work On 8.10 Intrepid Ibex **10-23-2008** This how [...]

What modules device drivers have got installed

“Mini How To” What modules and device drivers have got installed. For this Kubuntu Linux also has a simple command: lsmod This w [...]
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