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Back To Business As Usual

This week I started work again.  I’ll be writing some articles for the Linux Channel on Bright Hub.  Just in case you missed some of [...]

CM Storm Sniper "The Fatboy" Case Reviewed

I’ve had the pleasure to review the CM Storm Sniper case from Cooler Master (Just in case you don’t know what the CM stands for [...]

Wow How Busy Can You Get

It’s been a while since my latest post here. But I have a good reason I’ve been very busy writing for Bright Hub and madberry.or [...]

Cosmos Black Label Edition…Awesome!

Cooler Master released an awesome looking Cosmos the Black Label Edition.  They have released one of a kind versions of this case before se [...]

Website Layout Change

As everybody can see the layout changed. It’s been updated to a three column design. If you are looking at the site in IE7 or IE6 then [...]

Getting Flash And Java To Work On Kubuntu

Another installment of the series “The Move from Windows to Kubuntu is Smoother than You Think” was published on Bright Hub. This Part i [...]
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