Back to Photography

In 1986 I discovered my dads Canon FT QL(see photo on the left) .  My dad bought two lenses with the Camera and I think it came with the le [...]

Snelle Nederlandse Nieuws Update

Omdat ik me nooit kan herineren wie ik het ook al weer vertelt heb.  Marcy moet morgen voor een routine knie operatie naar het ziekenhuis. [...]

Bellicher; De Macht van Meneer Miller

Ik ben weer eens lekker laat, maarja dat krijg je als je in het buitenland woont en je de shows moet downloaden omdat de website uitzendingg [...]

We Have a Android in Our Lives

Yes the phone, my wife bought a HTC Aria.  As all of you know I don’t use a smartphone, I don’t even use a cellphone anymore. [...]

Reviewing What I Have Learned So Far

So I have been learning Python for a week now.  I have learned a lot, I always strive not to re-invent the wheel.  Which I decided to do i [...]

Learning a New Language Is Never Easy

I decided to teach myself a new language, a new programing language that is.  This time its Python, mainly because I have been playing arou [...]

You Don't Miss It Until You Don't Have It Peek 9

I must say these forced weeks with out my Peek have really shown me how important the Peek is to me.  When I switched from my cellphone to [...]

NameBench: Find The Fastest DNS Server Close To You

One of the things slowing your surfing down could be the DNS servers used.  Most providers seem to have slow DNS servers, there are lists o [...]

Content 2.0 For is Coming

I decided that besides the new laptop I am now writing this post on (thanks to all that donated or bought items on Ebay) it was time to get [...]

Peek Releases Peek 9 For Pre-order Today

Peek is releasing an new version of the trusted Peek.  In this case it is a software update with significant changes, making the device fas [...]
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