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Welcome to my blog.  I’m Rev. Berry van der Linden.  This blog is about what interests me Kubuntu (one of my passions)   hardware and my other thoughts.  I’m [mad]Berry this is the name I’ve been going by ever   since my first strides on to the world wide web it was the first nick I ever had to come up with.  At the time my provider back then Casema from the Netherlands had already given Berry to somebody, that made me mad.  Thus madberry was born, the last couple of years I’ve been using [mad]Berry as the official spelling for my nick.

My first computer experiences where the ZX Spectrum and the Atari 1040ST.  I then built my first PC when I was sixteen and have been building all of my PC’s since then.  In 2000 I got interested in designing and developing websites.  I started by teaching myself HTML and not to long after that I started PHP coding.  I followed some courses in ASP, PHP and SQL although it didn’t teach me anything new.

In 2003 or so I came back to the profession I really love and I’ve been working as a “Computer Resource Specialist”, also know to friends as the “computer guy”, ever since.  I work for myself which is handy because I like working nights.(it just makes upgrading an entire business easier and that way employees don’t really have to notice anything)

I continue to build and design websites and even with this blog I’ve already made changes to the PHP code which basically makes upgrading a little more difficult. I also enjoy writing my own code whether this is BASH or C++ or even Delphi I don’t like the Visual Basics much but I have been known to code a website in ASP if needed.

I’ve been called a geek or even a nerd and I don’t mind you can call me whatever you wan’t.

On this website you’ll find me writing about stuff I find useful.  Check it out for yourself go back to home.

Berry van der Linden

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