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New Server

The Old provider is suffering from DDOS attacks so I had to move my blog to a new server. Until they have the DDOS resolved I wont be able t [...]

Test Post

I am using a new url shortener script called YOURLS. This is a test post to make sure my WordPress plugin, used for auto posting to, [...]

Dreamhost Update

Everything seems to be back to normal. I fixed it by going Dreamhost PS JeffM one of the Dreamhost support guys was sympathetic to my situat [...]

Why Was Down For 23 Hours And 15 Minutes

Sorry for any inconvinience that the downtime might have caused Sunday May 17 th.  Explanation can be found here. [...]

Ever Heard Of Is a website where you can in short:  Post a video and start a conversation.  People can then reply to your video and thus it [...]
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