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Was previously my personal blog located at Temporarily Offline

Today I noticed that wasn’t working as expected.  The site was showing the “Error Establishing Database Co [...]


Facebook is great but all of those old pictures need to be scanned in first before you can use them.  You have a whole bunch of them you wo [...]

Got Some New Ink Thursday

It was long overdue for both Marcy and I to get some ink done.  The tattoo itself is the Zibu symbol for Friendship for those who don’ [...]

Dreamhost Update

Everything seems to be back to normal. I fixed it by going Dreamhost PS JeffM one of the Dreamhost support guys was sympathetic to my situat [...]

Why Was Down For 23 Hours And 15 Minutes

Sorry for any inconvinience that the downtime might have caused Sunday May 17 th.  Explanation can be found here. [...]

Dreamhost "Uber Fail" On Jubilee

I just moved hosting of all my domains to Dreamhost.  All was well until Sunday morning (17th of may) at about 1:32 AM or so,  an error 50 [...]

The Marcy Report Part II

Another bedside update.  Marcy is doing fine she has some pain and discomfort.  We expected that.  Right now she is sleeping.  She wante [...]

The Marcy Report

Marcy as you all know had her surgery yesterday.  Doctor Ali says she did great.  There where no complications.  Today she has the normal [...]

Wow How Busy Can You Get

It’s been a while since my latest post here. But I have a good reason I’ve been very busy writing for Bright Hub and madberry.or [...]

Top Ten Games To Get When You Buy A Wii

You’ve bought a wii but now what? Which games are fun, which games are other people buying? This article can help! The point of this a [...]
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