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Time For a Revamp Again

Revamp timeIt is time for another site revamp. I am not happy anymore with the way the site looks. I need to rethink the ad placements, and there are other things that need my attention as well. I am using way to much plugins I need to trim my use of plugins.

When I have done all of that, then I can concentrate on creating new content.

Dixon Rams Rugby


Dixon Rams Ruby vs. Sierra Foothills Rugby

I shot a rugby game this Saturday.  They had a great game and Dixon won.  I have pictures on flickr for those who want to oder some of the photo go to flickr find the photo you wand note the title down and order your prints here.  I did discover a problem with one of my CF cards it caused an error in the camera and I had t change cards to fix it.  Luckily I was able to recover some of the photos taken on the defective card.  We will be attending more rugby games in the near future.  So if I didn’t shoot a photo of your kid this time I might at the next game.  If you have any special requests please let me know, just walk up to the tall guy with the camera, I promise I won’t bite…..

[slickr-flickr tag=”rugby” captions=”off”]

2011 Davis Stampede

We went to cheer on a friend, running her first 10k, on Super Bowl Sunday.  She did  great and finished faster then she thought she would(no she is not in this picture). While we where there I decided to  snap some more shots.  I put them on flickr in a set they are for sale, if you recognize  yourself order a print by e-mailing me [email protected] or leave a comment on this post.  Prints are affordable and  shipping in most cases is cheap.  Digital right are for sale as well just send me an e-mail  for more information.

The 2011 Davis Stampede was a lot of fun, I will be attending more events in the coming  year check this blog for details.  I need to fund some more lenses and selling prints  seems to be a good way to do it.

I am currently looking into ways to create a website where these prints can be bought.  Giving people the opportunity of ordering prints in various sizes and maybe even matted.

If you have any suggestions, wordpress plugins and a like.  Please leave a comment.

Here are the rest of the thumbnails(To view all of them click on a picture and use flickr this page only shows a few of the total amount of pictures taken):

[slickr-flickr tag=”stampede” items=”71″]

Back to Photography

In 1986 I discovered my dads Canon FT QL(see photo on the left) .  My dad bought two lenses with the Camera and I think it came with the leather case you see in the picture, as far is I know it was bought before I was born in 1974.  I loved this camera it thought me about aperture, ISO.  I took a lot of pictures with this camera of different topics.  One of my favorites to shoot was track and field action shots.

This camera broke and I was unable to take any more pictures with it, I don’t want to sound melodramatic but it broke my heart.  Back then we didn’t really have the money to send it to Canon, and the camera was about 15 years or so old making it unfeasible to get fixed.

Recently(first week of January) I bought a Canon EOS 20d(see stock photo on the left) it came with a 28-80mm consumer Canon lens.  Reason  for buying this camera is simple I want to get back into shooting photos, and what better way to do so then with a brand you know.

I found myself being really rusty in the understanding of aperture, ISO and shutter speed.  So to remedy this I am now reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Petterson, a book I can really recommend especially for beginners but also for seasoned veterans wo have gotten a little rusty.  It a great book to have on your shelf, be it digital or not.  Bryan takes real world examples and translates it to words, in a way that is easy to understand for everybody.  I am only on page 43 at the moment but I am not finding it hard, read this book isn’t dry, to read through at all.

I now find myself wanting better glass, a popular term for lenses on photography forums.  Not because I a such an awesome photographer that I need better glass.  I am just running into the limitations of my Canon EF 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6, the link is to version 2 of this lens.  I have decided to not buy any glass that is consumer grade, I will save money a little longer and buy L glass instead.–I have to change that statement some of the lenses in the Sigma line-up look really good.– The overall quality of this pro grade glass is so much better, they are also graded better in online reviews.  I think it is worth the extra money, it also makes it easier to go full-frame if I so desire later on down the road.

Content 2.0 For is Coming

I decided that besides the new laptop I am now writing this post on (thanks to all that donated or bought items on Ebay) it was time to get a video camera. I have been thinking about doing video as well as writing for ever.  The idea to do video was already introduced when this blog was still, I figured it was time to stop talking about it and just do it.

So I went online and after ordering my Thinkpad Edge 14 AMD edition, I surfed to and bought a refurbished (no there is nothing wrong with buying factory certified refurbished items) Kodak Zi8 and a Toshiba 16GB SDHC Class 4 card.  The Zi8 does have 128MB internal memory which is good for nothing because you can record 6 seconds of 1080p video.

For now the idea is to use the camera to do video reviews of hardware.  I get a lot of hardware in every month and video reviews are a great way to extend writing reviews for Bright Hub.  I haven’t got any plans to do any video blogging or vlogging as that is now often called, but I don’t say never to anything so this is no exception.  For right now I need to get the editing of the creating video graphics to use and figuring out if I really want to use Youtube for video distribution.  There are other options to Youtube like for instance, but Youtube does have a lot of users.

While writing this is decided to check in with again and they now seem to have aggregated all of the audience options into one.  I will have to put it on my list to check out further.

The first thing to figure out is what editing software to use.  I think that it will be between Cinelerra and Kino, with Cinelerra as a slight winner.  The big deal breaker will be how easy is it to edit, then again I might also find something totally different to use.

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