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Searching For A Low Spam Solution

I have found myself in spam hell the last couple of months.  Not so much because of my laptop or desktops, they all run spamassassin.  No [...]

Wpa_supplicant in /etc/network/interfaces and Karmic Koala 9.10

Most of you know that Karmic Koala 9.10 released on the 29th October.  I noticed during my test run with Alpha’s and Beta’s of [...]

Network Compatibility In Linux Sometimes A Big Problem

Network compatibility has been a problem especially with wireless networking.  Some of the hardware is supported and some of it is not. I w [...]

How To Get The Netgear WN311T To Work

Unfortunately there is no Linux driver for this PCI wireless adapter.  Believe me I have searched.  The Marvell driver for the TopDog is s [...]
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