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Learning a New Language Is Never Easy

I decided to teach myself a new language, a new programing language that is.  This time its Python, mainly because I have been playing arou [...]

NameBench: Find The Fastest DNS Server Close To You

One of the things slowing your surfing down could be the DNS servers used.  Most providers seem to have slow DNS servers, there are lists o [...]

Laptop Breaking Down Sooner Rather Then Later

I am in need of a new laptop sooner then thought initially. I have to fast track my research for a new laptop. I will also need to get some [...]

Bright Hub Page Redesign

With the amount of articles steadily growing a redesign of the Bright Hub page was eminent.  I decided to redesign this page before the b [...]

How To Manage Passwords In Linux

Let’s face it we all live an Online life we visit many websites in a day, most of which have a login. We need to remember these differ [...]

(K)Ubuntu 10.04 Filezilla 3.3.1 Crashes

After updating my HTPC / general use computer to 10.04,  I noticed Filezilla crashing every time I tried to scroll or go into a remote fold [...]

Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Released Today

As I’m writing this my laptop is upgrading from 9.10 to the new 10.o4 LTS version of Kubuntu. Kubuntu released the new version today.( [...]

Why Netflix Sucks

In February I decided to act on a free trial offer.  This offer was for a free trial for a month.  I have always wondered if Netflix would [...]

New Adsense Plugin

I just started using a new Adsense plugin. Some of the ad positioning is not where I would like it yet. Please bear with me as I solve this [...]

Wpa_supplicant in /etc/network/interfaces and Karmic Koala 9.10

Most of you know that Karmic Koala 9.10 released on the 29th October.  I noticed during my test run with Alpha’s and Beta’s of [...]
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