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How To Manage Passwords In Linux

Let’s face it we all live an Online life we visit many websites in a day, most of which have a login. We need to remember these differ [...]

Busy, Downtime Again, Server Move

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Next to being busy, there where problems again with my Dreamhost account.  That and the fact t [...]

Why Was Down For 23 Hours And 15 Minutes

Sorry for any inconvinience that the downtime might have caused Sunday May 17 th. Explanation can be found here. [...]

Round-up Of Cheap Hosts

In one of my latest articles on Bright Hub I give a round-up of the best to be found cheap hosts out there. I use a couple of them myself, s [...]

Website Layout Change

As everybody can see the layout changed. It’s been updated to a three column design. If you are looking at the site in IE7 or IE6 then [...]

How To Get Atheros AR242x To Work on 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Updates **02-24-2009** Instructions for fix after update to kernel 2.6.27-11-generic below.  This how to uses compat-wireless-2009-02-24.ta [...]

Why SSL is Important on your Corporate Website

Small business often underestimate the importance of a website. When they do get a website, it’s often created by a friend or inexperi [...]

Firefox add-ons I always install on a new Kubuntu install

I’ve been a fan of Firefox from the very beginning.  And I like it, it is good to see that Open source(Mozilla is an Open source lead [...]

Speed up your website pack your JavaScript.

Have you downloaded allot of plugins for your WordPress blog,  do they slow down your website? The why not pack them with Dean Edwards scri [...]

How to get Atheros AR242x wireless to work.

Windows drivers are here Aug 18 2008: This is a The old version and this solution isn’t recommended anymore please use: the solution i [...]
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