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You Don't Miss It Until You Don't Have It Peek 9

I must say these forced weeks with out my Peek have really shown me how important the Peek is to me.  When I switched from my cellphone to [...]

Peek Releases Peek 9 For Pre-order Today

Peek is releasing an new version of the trusted Peek.  In this case it is a software update with significant changes, making the device fas [...]

Huh!?! Ultra Portable Means What?

The basic definition for Ultra Portable is a notebook that weighs less than 4 lbs. If you really dig into what Ultra Portable is than you wi [...]

Thinking Of A New Ultra Portable Purchase

I have been thinking lately it’s time to get something ultra portable.  What I’m looking for is something small and light, with [...]

Apple TV, Boxee Box Or Something Else?

What to hook-up to the TV? I have several HTPC’s that I’ve build to watch my downloaded content on. How ever in planning to buy [...]

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Gaming Chassis Review

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Cooler Master sent me the CM Storm Scout. This is the  second chassis in the CM Storm series.  The  CM Storm [...]

CM Storm Sniper "The Fatboy" Case Reviewed

I’ve had the pleasure to review the CM Storm Sniper case from Cooler Master (Just in case you don’t know what the CM stands for [...]

V10 Cpu Cooler What An Awesome Piece Of Hardware

I reviewed the V10 CPU Cooler from Cooler Master for Bright Hub.  The results where unexpected extreemly good.  An improvement of 6C degre [...]

Blacx Turn Extra Drives Into a USB External Hard Drive

Have a 250GB hard drive laying around? Wan’t to turn it into a 250GB external hard drive? there is a very simple way to do this using [...]

Cosmos Black Label Edition…Awesome!

Cooler Master released an awesome looking Cosmos the Black Label Edition.  They have released one of a kind versions of this case before se [...]
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