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What Browser Is Best For Linux

This is a question I get a lot. For instance: Hey [mad]Berry, I want to use a different browser besides Konqueror. Are there many options? W [...]

Round-up Of Cheap Hosts

In one of my latest articles on Bright Hub I give a round-up of the best to be found cheap hosts out there. I use a couple of them myself, s [...]

Part Two Of The "Laptop How To" Series Published

Introduction A while a go part one of the “Laptop How To” was released.  Because of some internal site changes on Bright Hub pa [...]

Jaunty Jackalope Promises A Lot Of Improvement

Introduction With Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 I hope what I always hope.  For the AR242x to be included in the Kernel.  Not that I don&# [...]

Blacx Turn Extra Drives Into a USB External Hard Drive

Have a 250GB hard drive laying around? Wan’t to turn it into a 250GB external hard drive? there is a very simple way to do this using [...]

Remastersys Revisited

Some of you might remember my older Remastersys Article on this blog.  I covered the GUI some what but found that I really didn’t [...]

Adding Sources To Adept Easier Then You Think

If you have been using Linux for a while then you have come across packages you love using, but are not in the Ubuntu repositories.  Some p [...]

Ktorrent Could This Be The Best Torrent Client For Linux?

When I started using Ubuntu in the beginning of 2005 one of my criteria for being able to switch was a good working torrent client.  After [...]

Network Compatibility In Linux Sometimes A Big Problem

Network compatibility has been a problem especially with wireless networking.  Some of the hardware is supported and some of it is not. I w [...]

Cosmos Black Label Edition…Awesome!

Cooler Master released an awesome looking Cosmos the Black Label Edition.  They have released one of a kind versions of this case before se [...]
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