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How To Manage Passwords In Linux

Let’s face it we all live an Online life we visit many websites in a day, most of which have a login. We need to remember these differ [...]

Why Netflix Sucks

In February I decided to act on a free trial offer.  This offer was for a free trial for a month.  I have always wondered if Netflix would [...]

Shinobi Ninja Bandmembers-Turned-Avatars Find iPhone App Helps Them Battle their Way to Success

Sometimes you find stuff that’s just interesting to see I received this in my mail today and I have to say kudo’s to Shinobi Nin [...]

Apple TV, Boxee Box Or Something Else?

What to hook-up to the TV? I have several HTPC’s that I’ve build to watch my downloaded content on. How ever in planning to buy [...]

Busy, Downtime Again, Server Move

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Next to being busy, there where problems again with my Dreamhost account.  That and the fact t [...]

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Gaming Chassis Review

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Cooler Master sent me the CM Storm Scout. This is the  second chassis in the CM Storm series.  The  CM Storm [...]

Want To Boot Linux From A Flash Drive?

I have tried a lot of different Linux distro’s, they all have iso’s you can put on a CD. But this would take a crazy number of C [...]

Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Upgrade Woes

Introduction If you are following me on Twitter then you already know.  My wife decide when the upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 when the pop-up s [...]

Took The Plunge Jaunty Jackalope Kubuntu 9.04 On Laptop

Introduction After a problem with the Kubuntu update to KDE 4.2, the laptop reinstalled the desktop all together, I’m now running the [...]

V10 Cpu Cooler What An Awesome Piece Of Hardware

I reviewed the V10 CPU Cooler from Cooler Master for Bright Hub.  The results where unexpected extreemly good.  An improvement of 6C degre [...]
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