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Farewell Boxee Hello XBMC

It is time to say good bye to yet another piece of software that I have been using for a while now.  This time it’s Boxee, I found ou [...]

This Blogs Speed Is Back

I finally fixed this WordPress blogs speed issues. The problem was found to be, as expected, with just one plugin. The plugin Flickr Manager [...]

Find W6WEB

If you have found this blog then you are here because you want to know more about me. For my HAM adventures this would be the section of my [...]

Yo Berry Where Have You Been?

I have been right here plugging away at several projects. My Twitter follow back service is going well.  Everyone who j [...]

VPS.NET The Good The Bad The Ugly

As many of you know I have had some issues with previous providers.  I am talking hosting providers here, moving from shared hosting to a V [...]

Migration to Kmail 4.7.2 Failed, Now What?

When I upgraded the first laptop to 11.10 kmail’s files needed to me migrated to the new version 4.7.2 of kmail.  The migration faile [...]

HELP My Ubuntu / Kubuntu Will Not Upgrade to Oneiric / 11.10

The solution is simple, in most cases the upgrade is blocked by a package that can’t be upgraded. Or as Ubuntu / Kubuntu calls it the [...]

dd With Progress Bar 2.0

many of you might remember my first article about this. It was written in 2009 and by the looks of it is somewhat outdated. What is dd? dd i [...]

New Google's Plus One Button +1 Recommendations

Google is finally released it’s Plus One button(see link on the bottom of this post) for use on websites. Google’s plus one butt [...]
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