About Berry van der Linden

Berry has been fascinated by electrical and electronic devices from an early age and has been taking televisions and other pieces of equipment apart and putting them back together since he was ten. This led to five years as a professional electrician, and dozens of home electrical projects. Though in 2003 he turned his professional focus to computing endeavors, he continues his hands on approach and his electronic projects now often tie into his computers.

His interest in computers dates back far further than his becoming a Computer Resources Specialist in 2003, all the way back to the days of the Atari 1040ST & . More recently, as of 2000, he has been designing websites, and can code in C++, BASH, etc. As Computer Resources Specialist, he solves the problems of a very wide variety of users. His ability to explain the complex problems related to computer use to users who have weaker technical backgrounds leaves him well suited to the writing he does for Bright Hub, where users of almost any skill level, great or small, come for advice. The following links are to some of Berry’s work at Bright Hub.


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