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It is time to say good bye to yet another piece of software that I have been using for a while now.  This time it’s Boxee, I found out after upgrading my HTPC to Kubuntu 12.04 that Boxee was not working anymore. I figured I would check Boxee.TV to download the new version, this is what I had to do in the past to get Boxee to work again.

Only this time I found out Boxee stopped all support for anything but the Boxee box, iPad and iPhone.  Basically screwing over longtime supporter’s of their software, the people that helped debug the very software that we are now not able to use anymore.  Well that said they do still offer the source code so you could compile from scratch.  But when you have a HTPC you don’t really want to be doing that, since the whole family is using it.  So it just has to work.  There is nothing worse then a wife or child bitching at you because an update of the system broke Boxee.

So it is back to XBMC for me.  Since I last left XBMC behind for Boxee they have really grown up.  XBMC now makes for a pretty solid media player for the HTPC.  Some of that might be because of the wide spread use of Boxee that was once the norm.  Boxee was based on XBMC and I am sure that they did contribute to some of the development and perhaps redevelopment of XBMC.

The nicest thing I found is that XBMC has a solid remote control app for Android devices. Making it easy to use my Android tablet to control the XBMC running on my HTPC.  I am still figuring out what add-on’s to use for playlists or watch lists.  But as I use it more I will figure that out too.

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