Yo Berry Where Have You Been?

I have been right here plugging away at several projects.

pyFollowBack.com My Twitter follow back service is going well.  Everyone who join’s the service loves it.  My own combined twitter account are now close to 200,000 followers, my own account @madberry has 21,509 followers and is growing strongly each month.

This blog is now a PR3 blog so I am happy about that.  Thanks everyone for linking back and helping me to grow this blog.

I will be adding new sections soon.  I have decided to pick two of my old hobbies back up.  Electronics has always been my absolute favorite thing to do, it is extremely cool to be able to have a problem and design a circuit that solves it.  I am looking forward to playing with some Arduino’s that will be coming in soon.

An other longtime hobby of mine is broadcasting, back home in the Netherlands I used to DJ with a pirate radio station(a station broadcasting without the necessary license)  I did that for eight years.  While I was doing this I had fun building studio’s and putting antennas on ten story buildings for this station.  At this point I would direct you to a website with the history of the station, but the only website that exists about the station is in Dutch.  I will be translating most of the information to English.  When this is done I will place a link here so every one can read about it.

One of the drawbacks of working at a pirate station is the possibility of the Dutch FCC(RCD) coming in and taking your station of the air.  The do this by confiscation of all station equipment, including antenna’s and expensive transmitters.

But there is also a way to becoming licensed to broadcast, okay you can’t broadcast music or any other entertainment but you are allowed to talk on the radio.  You might have heard of the term HAM, no not the back-end of a pig, HAM’s do an exam to become a amateur radio operator.  This exam gives you privileges to talk on certain frequencies to other HAM’s.  It isn’t a license you get with a packet of gum in the store.  You actually have to study for this one.

I won’t bore the ones that don’t care to read about it.  In short HAM’s talk to other hams in this country and all over the world.  Read more about this in the future category that will be created here.

Keep an eye on this blog for more Linux articles as well.  I have a couple of ideas for articles and I need to get back to a regular schedule when it comes to posting on this and some of my other blogs.

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