VPS.NET The Good The Bad The Ugly

As many of you know I have had some issues with previous providers.  I am talking hosting providers here, moving from shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server when I was still with my old host.  That platform how ever wasn’t to stable, this prompted me to look for yet another provider.  I knew I wanted to stay within the VPS realm.  There are quite a few providers that sell VPSes.  I decided to go with a young fresh company

I joined in November of 2009 and I have been with them since.  As I said they where a young start-up when I joined and there where some bugs that they needed to fix.  The easy of which you can add and remove nodes, uses nodes to describe a section of server resources allocated to you, was unbelievable.

The service provided by has overall been good, there where a couple of situations where they could have handled there stuff better.  Most recently I got migrated from Chi-C to Chi-A because the Chi-c cloud didn’t provide the service any more that wants for it’s customers.  This wasn’t entirely without cost for me, I am talking some extra costs for nodes etcetera.

There have been issues with servers going down, sometimes because of scheduled downtime, which I found out about to late.  A couple of times the server went down because of SAN issues.  I expect that this will be better in Chi-A, all of those problems where in the Chi-C cloud.

I haven’t had any problems getting a response back from support, or even a manager, when I started a ticket.  I know some people have complained about this, but they might just have started a ticket when there was already an on going issue with a cloud.  Checking helps when trying to find out if there is a service issue.

One of the things I really love is that they have a bunch of licenses that you can use for your server.  This makes it really easy to get a cPanel license for a server for instance, or an R1Soft Backup license.

I love having complete control of all of the aspects of my server.  I use’s DNS servers which are hosted by Softlayer.  They even provide a DNS plugin for cPanel to easily add domains to the DNS.  One of my most favourite features are the FREE Comodo SSL certificates you can get via, all you have to do is start a ticket.

In conclusion has there been downtime yes, but every time that has happened they either limited the downtime or compensated for prolonged downtime.

The ability to make your server scale automatically is golden.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with the nodes from

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