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Geeking Out With Python and Tornado

I have been working on pyFollowBack since November of last year.  I originally wrote pyFollowBack for myself a lot of the services I was using wanted, in my eyes, to much money for this simple task when they all went premium.  All the software had to do was un-follow people not following me, and follow back people who just started following me.  I never expected any one else to be interested in the software at all.

How ever after running it for a while I got question from people how the could subscribe to the service.  I decided since there was interest to make the service available to others.  I am now working on version 2 of the software.  I have created a public front-end by using Tornado web server, an easy way to tie the back-end software to a web accessible front-end.  I was using SQLite, but have now switched to MySQL.

It has been a lot of fun figuring out how to best make a public version of pyFollowBack. Learning Python and using Tornado.  Although it has taken some time away from my blogging activities.

to be continued…

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