What Do you Do To Get Inspired? I use TED

I use TED I can now safely say that I have seen all TED talks, published so far that is.  Unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure to be invited to TED.  But viewing the videos online gives me a way to see the talks and get inspired.

There are many talks on the website here are some of my favorites:

  • Temple Grandin She gives us an inside few of how it is to live with autism.  She can give parents of children that have autism hope.  She is a successful engineer, designing new ways to approach animal herding.
  • Clifford Stoll Clifford is a brilliant mind caught in a hyper over active body.  You might know the name, he is the builder of maybe the most famous Acme Klein Bottles.
  • Einstein The Parrot As an owner of an African Grey(Max short for Maximus) I can tell you what Einstein does if quite common,  if you spend enough time with your bird he or she will start talking in no time.  As you can see from this TED talk with Einstein with some training these birds can be taught to say just about anything
  • James Cameron If you are interested in the tech. behind Avatar this is the video to watch.
  • Julia Sweeney Very funny and gives insight into Julia’s childhood.

These are only a few examples, there are so many videos to explore.  From tech. talks to performances, you will always find something that will inspire you.

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