Could Google Voice SIP Be On The Horizon?

We have been using Google voice for over a year now.  It provides us with one easy access number to different devices, for android as well as our PBX server(read VOIP server).  I was very happy to read today that Google seems to have started tests for the long awaited Google SIP service.  Although they did have SIP in the beginning of Google Voice they decided to stop SIP operations, this dates back to a time that Google Voice wasn’t even named Google Voice yet, they bought out Grandcentral and then renamed the service after a while.

I believe the decision to stop SIP services was mainly made because of the system they where using, it was very network heavy and not efficiently design at all.  They obtained Gizmo 5 at one point, they have announced they will be shutting down the service.  This might be because of the newly found Google Voice SIP capability.

There have been no official announcements made by Google about this SIP capability, it is also not a full SIP service yet.  At this moment the SIP service only allows SIP to SIP calls no termination to PTSN landlines or mobile numbers yet.    Although my prediction is that Google will eventually implement this, after which we will see a beta announcement.

This could be very big and could eat into the profits of some major SIP players, potentially putting company’s like Voipbuster out of business.  Granted that to do so they will have to implement a similar payment system, hopefully offering us 120 free days in several countries like Voipbuster currently does.  They currently offer international calling in Google Voice, but having to call a number to get a call back or using an app., or website to do so is unpractical.  Even though prices are lower than Voipbuster, which is the service I would be looking to replace, the free days still do it for me.

I will refrain from writing a how to on using Google Voice SIP until we know for sure the service will remain up.  How ever if you want to try it for yourself here is the SIP address: please replace GV# with your own Google voice number and don’t forget the +1.  You should be able to terminate calls using a softphone to other SIP numbers.

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