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We Have a Android in Our Lives

Yes the phone, my wife bought a HTC Aria.  As all of you know I don’t use a smartphone, I don’t even use a cellphone anymore.  As a result of this I couldn’t get to my servers when on the road without a laptop.  With the Aria this all changes, I can now use the wifes phone to connect to the servers when on the road.  As you all know I am notoriously cheap, so we opted for the cheapest mandatory data plan we could get.  We only plan on using the phone on our home network, and reserving the 3G network for emergencies only.

Of course I need to use SSH to connect, public keys make it even easier to connect securely.  This article explains how to set this up using ConnectBot.  No I still don’t want a smartphone for myself, I still believe that a small screen like that shouldn’t be used for browsing.  This terminal app. is no different running a terminal on a small screen like this isn’t the worlds greatest solution  but I intent to use this for emergencies only.

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