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Learning a New Language Is Never Easy

I decided to teach myself a new language, a new programing language that is.  This time its Python, mainly because I have been playing around with the quickly Ubuntu package.  Quickly makes it really easy to create GUI applications, its a combination of Gedit and Glade interface designer both of which are used to edit your application. Gedit for editing the Python files and Glade to design the interface.  If you clicked the link than you already knew this.

After playing around for a bit I decided to create my first application.  I am working on the back-end first and will create those files so I can test the Python scripts of each of the elements of my application.  Of course if you know me then it will come as no surprise that I am working on an application that is turning out to be very complicated.  Dropping me into having to figure out multi threading in Python right away.

I can’t really reveal what I am working on just yet, I can tell you that it is an SEO tool.  Of which we don’t have enough in the Linux world.  I will decide later on if I will release this application for free or if I am going to sell it.  Let’s face it we all need to make a little money and SEO tools seem to be big business.

More about this venture later.

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