Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bellicher; De Macht van Meneer Miller

Ik ben weer eens lekker laat, maarja dat krijg je als je in het buitenland woont en je de shows moet downloaden omdat de website uitzendingg [...]

We Have a Android in Our Lives

Yes the phone, my wife bought a HTC Aria. ¬†As all of you know I don’t use a smartphone, I don’t even use a cellphone anymore. ¬ [...]

Reviewing What I Have Learned So Far

So I have been learning Python for a week now.  I have learned a lot, I always strive not to re-invent the wheel.  Which I decided to do i [...]

Learning a New Language Is Never Easy

I decided to teach myself a new language, a new programing language that is.  This time its Python, mainly because I have been playing arou [...]
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