You Don't Miss It Until You Don't Have It Peek 9

I must say these forced weeks with out my Peek have really shown me how important the Peek is to me.  When I switched from my cellphone to the Peek I didn’t have that as much, maybe because I didn’t use my phone for calling much and the texting part Peek took over.  At least this time away from my Peek forced me to get my e-mail in order on my laptop.

I have ordered my new and shiny Peek 9ine from the website, however because of the outage they are far behind in shipping orders out.  This is to be expected knowing that the outage knocked out all of the Peek Pronto’s and Classics in the US.  There has been a lot of speculation as to what happened.  Here is my best guess, I believe that the third party who was providing Peek with the connection between Peek servers and T-Mobile (there wireless provider), also called M2M, went out of business.  I know rumors have said that, because Peek was switching to Peek 9ine, the third party just switched of the service.  This how ever is nonsense even you use even a bit of common sense you imagine that this would be a dumb business decision.  They loose a customer and Peek would sue them for the lost business and revenue.

Even tough Peek is going through some rough times at the moment, I am still telling people about the Peek pushing the service as the best replacement for the smart phone and expensive phone plans.

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