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NameBench: Find The Fastest DNS Server Close To You

One of the things slowing your surfing down could be the DNS servers used.  Most providers seem to have slow DNS servers, there are lists on the internet with DNS servers said to be faster.  The pitfall here is that a “faster” server might be further away from you and thus be slower for you then for someone closer to the server.  There are also lists that list DNS servers as well as locations, this is great.

This works all you have to do now is edit:

[bash]sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf[/bash]

As some of you might know I already showed you how to do this for OpenDNS.  Now who would really want to look for a list then check each server on that list to make sure it works?

However an application I recently discovered makes it easy to find the fastest servers closest to you.  Its called NameBench, it will query DNS server to see which servers respond the fastest.

NameBench is in the Ubuntu repositories so you can install it using the Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic or just type this into terminal:

[bash]sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install namebench[/bash]

NameBench comes with a GUI, but can also be used from the command line,for running it on a headless (no monitor) server. NameBench will create a HTML page with it’s results. You can see on this page which servers are fastest and should be added to resolv.conf.

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