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Peek Releases Peek 9 For Pre-order Today

Peek is releasing an new version of the trusted Peek.  In this case it is a software update with significant changes, making the device faster and even more reliable than it already was.  As most of you know I reviewed the Peek for Bright Hub, I will be able, just like all other Peek users, to upgrade to Peek 9 on Wednesday.  This is when I will be able to report back on how Peek 9 is working.

It has been rumored that a Facebook Peek might be coming out I think that this is unlikely.  Peek 9 promises improvements to the wireless reception of the device, something that already has been improving with every software upgrade.  In addition to Facebook and Twitter it also offers  Maps and Weather.  You also have the ability to add Streams to your Peek, this will allow you to add anything with an RSS feed and receive updates directly on your Peek.

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