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Laptop Breaking Down Sooner Rather Then Later

I am in need of a new laptop sooner then thought initially. I have to fast track my research for a new laptop. I will also need to get some funds available. This is why I am selling some hardware on Ebay. I have listed some of the available items already. Links are below. I will be posting more items in the next couple of weeks.

One other way to help me is to donate (even if it is just a dollar) using the donate button on the right ->.

ATM I don’t know exactly when this laptop will give up completely. It seems to be a motherboard problem. Rather then replacing the motherboard I have opted to replace the laptop. This laptop is two years old and well used to say the least. It is showing signs of wear on the outside as well as internally. All proceeds of donations through this website and the sale of items on Ebay will be funding a new laptop.

As said before my new laptop will most definitely not be a Toshiba. I am deeply disappointed in the overall quality of this laptop. The base has several cracks, it is showing signs of use that a two-year old laptop should not be showing in my opinion. I am almost 90% sure the next laptop will be a Lenovo. I need durability and from my research I now know that Lenovo sticks way out above the rest.

In this modern time I don’t see the need anymore to call a two-year old laptop old. My choice of operating system also makes that I don’t need to change computer that much any more. Kubuntu will pretty much run on any hardware. My new laptop I want to last for at least 5 years. It can show light signs of use but not like this laptop within two years.

Until recently I would have happily recommended Toshiba as a choice for laptops. But I now have to revise my opinion. Toshiba will have to prove to me they are not producing craptops any more before I will ever recommend them again.

Any new items that I add to Ebay will covered here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (I alway follow back). For my Dutch friends friend me on Hyves the announcements will be on my Hyves page as well.

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