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Dear Spammer, An Open Letter

Dear Spammer,

If you have to send me spam via e-mail, please use a spell checker, especially when pretending to be a employee of a bank.  If you are pretending to be an automated message from my bank, use an actual automated e-mail from a password recovery system, and adept it.

If you really want to get my money for pharmaceutics, use an entertaining way of engaging me.  Stop sending me messages with copied text from the Internets.  Always assume your target is far smarter then you are, use a better scenario something that could actually engage me to click.  Amuse me.

If you are going to spam my blog, know that I approve every comment before it gets posted.  Not even subscribers to my blog get to “just” post comments.  Instead of writing about what an great article or post this is, actually write something that could be seen as a comment.  Read my blogposts and ask a question about something in that blogpost.  Also make sure Akismet doesn’t catch your comment, I empty out my spam comments once a day and don’t even read the comments in the spam queue any more.

If you are a bot gathering e-mail addresses have fun in the trap set by SpamPoison, Gather away enjoy the long list of e-mail addresses found behind my SpamPoison banner in the footer of this page.


A Blogger


Why do people still buy pharma from e-mails they should stay away from?  Stop spam don’t buy anything out of those e-mails.  Stop Spam don’t just click on any link you get from a friend on Facebook which happens to say “Hi {friendsname}, what are you doing in this video??? LOL Embarrassing!”.  Don’t click on any links you are not expecting to get, not even when that link is from a “friend”.

Let’s make the internet a better place stop spam buy ham.

Please quote a piece of this post, add a link back, then spread the word using twitter, facebook, myspace and even deviantart.  Stop Spam Now.

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