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Searching For A Low Spam Solution

I have found myself in spam hell the last couple of months.  Not so much because of my laptop or desktops, they all run spamassassin.  No it’s the Peek my mobile e-mail and text device.  I got rid of my cellphone at the beginning of this year, I wasn’t really using it to call with anymore.  The Peek is a great device but they don’t do an spam catching, which is great because I wouldn’t want them to.

I did find these scripts from ConfigServer Services.  The offer this script for free.  In addition you can buy the front-end add-on for cPanel.  This is only $35 for a server license which I think is pretty cheap for what you get. I already run some of the other scripts they provide.  They are a trusted source for not only free scripts but server configuration services as well. There website is also a great source for several cPanel related articles.

MailScanner, the scritp the above script installs does use SpamAssassin and ClamAV for spam and virus detection.  I will have to monitor what this will do to mainly my memory on the server.  I don’t really want to drive up the cost of hosting, and having to increase memory because of SpamAssassin could do this.

I do really need a solution to fight all of the spam that I am receiving on the Peek.  I am spending time at least twice a week now to add lines to my spam filter.  And this is time I could be using better b writing or being otherwise productive.  One other way to catch of spam would be to use an on-line service.  Or funnel all mail through gmail.  But I have my own server and it would be a shame not to use it.

Now in reading this you might ask, as a computer geek where you not careful enough to not leave your e-mail address out in the open for a spambot to pick it up?  Yes I am careful and most of m e-mail addresses are as clean as a whistle.  But I do own some domain names who are 10+ years old, as a result these domains receive the most spam.  I also at one point in the past was a fan of the catch-all method.  Something I now regret, as it surely helped in increasing the spam at some point.  All of the catch-all has now been turned off, however the damage was already done.

Part one is done MailScanner is installed and running.   More on if this method is working later.

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