Redesign, Maybe Even Re-Branding of

I have been thinking of doing yet another redesign of  I am seriously considering to even re-brand my blog.  Several SEO “experts” that I have asked about re-branding say go for it.  The name I am thinking of has all of the TLD’s I need free, I am talking .com, .net and .org.  It was a previously used domain name by a party which I will not disclose at the moment.  Yes I do know this could cause a problem with back-links how ever I am not planning of getting rid of so a simple 301 should keep all links working just fine.  I think I will also sell some of my domain names that I don’t really have a purpose for yet.  I will keep the cool ones but thin out my portfolio a bit.  I need to focus on running projects.  I also noticed that, since I have increased the frequency of articles on Bright Hub, I have little time for anything else.  I want to get back into really focusing on writing for this blog as well, with re-branding plans I need to post on a regular basis again.  I know some of you love to read about my problems with many Linux projects.

The redesign is mainly because I purchased an Elegant Themes subscription a while ago.  I really like all of Nick Roach’s themes.  I only have to do minor changes to incorporate my Adsense etcetera.  I get access to all of his themes for a low yearly subscription.    Check out some of the awesome new designs at Elegant Themes.  The new eStore theme is a beautiful design.  I would almost create an e-store just so I could use it.

Keep a close eye on my Bright Hub I have been writing a lot  and every time a new article gets published I add it to that page.  I still have to add the Windows section to the page but I have only written one article for the Windows Channel so far: How to Remove AV Security Suite.  A second will soon follow.  For the people now scratching there heads , yes I am a Linux user myself how ever one of my day jobs is fixing computers.  As a result of this I do come across a lot of Spyware and Virus problems.  So why not write about it.  I don’t like to fix computers anymore (or at least windows related problems) when the day job is done, this is why in this house there are only Linux computers.

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