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How To Manage Passwords In Linux

Let’s face it we all live an Online life we visit many websites in a day, most of which have a login. We need to remember these different passwords and usernames, we know using the same credentials on several website is not save. You wouldn’t want a malicious person to gain access to all of your online account.

There are ways to save a password and username, no I don’t mean write them down on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet, password managers are keepers of sensitive information. All of them use some sort of encryption to keep data save. We have several option to choose from some are even cross-platform compatible, for those ninjas that also need to work in Windows or Mac sometimes.

My personal favorite is KeePassX. KeePassX allows you to save account credentials in category’s, making it easier to tell them apart. In addition to saving website passwords it can save any password you have. In my case for example I also save my wireless network pass phrases. I am able to use highly secure passwords because the password generator allows me to set how many bits a password is. In my case it’s somewhere near 170-bit for most passwords. KeePassX has the ability for you to set a shortcut key, hitting alt+p in m case will auto-populate the username and password field of a website. in order for this to work properly you need to add a “add hostname to title” plugin or extension to your favorite browser. Auto-fill can also be triggered with the mouse but what’s the fun in that.

I recently reviewed some of the options available.

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