Monthly Archives: August 2010

Phase Two Complete

Both of my personal blogs have now been integrated into and are both now pointing to madber [...]

Searching For A Low Spam Solution

I have found myself in spam hell the last couple of months.  Not so much because of my laptop or desktops, they all run spamassassin.  No [...]

Bright Hub Page Redesign

With the amount of articles steadily growing a redesign of the Bright Hub page was eminent.  I decided to redesign this page before the b [...]

How To Manage Passwords In Linux

Let’s face it we all live an Online life we visit many websites in a day, most of which have a login. We need to remember these differ [...]

Redesign, Maybe Even Re-Branding of

I have been thinking of doing yet another redesign of  I am seriously considering to even re-brand my blog.  Several SEO  [...]

Thinking Of A New Ultra Portable Purchase

I have been thinking lately it’s time to get something ultra portable.  What I’m looking for is something small and light, with [...]
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