(K)Ubuntu 10.04 Filezilla 3.3.1 Crashes

After updating my HTPC / general use computer to 10.04,  I noticed Filezilla crashing every time I tried to scroll or go into a remote folder.

After some research using Google, which resulted in nothing, I decided to look into this problem a little deeper.  I started by looking through the logs which yielded nothing either.  I removed Filezilla with and without purge(purge should delete all of the files used by Filezilla) this also didn’t fix my problem.

Next I deleted the ~/.filezilla folder, a hidden folder in my home directory also know as ~, this fixed the problem.  If you would like to keep the folder then just rename the folder:
mv ~/.filezilla ~/filezilla_OLD

This fixed the problems with Filezilla crashing for me.  If this worked for you then please leave a comment below.  If it didn’t work please leave a comment as well so I can help you fix it.

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