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Why Netflix Sucks

In February I decided to act on a free trial offer.  This offer was for a free trial for a month.  I have always wondered if Netflix would be for me.

During this trial I found out it isn’t.  I opted to use the $8.99 a month subscription.  Two DVD’s out at a time and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.  I was kinda exited to see I could stream movies to all of my PC’s.  Especially because I have a HTPC(Home Theater PC) hooked up to our TV.  So this should work just like movies on-demand right?

WRONG for some unknown reason Netflix chooses to use Silverlight by Microsoft.  In Linux we do have an Linux version of Silverlight called Moonlight which is developed by Novell how ever Moonlight how ever is a few version behind.  Silverlight uses DRM and DRM in Moonlight seems to be a problem.  The precise details of the why there is still no DRM in Moonlight are only known to Microsoft and Novell.  But I imagine it has something to do with either copyright or patents that Microsoft owns.

It is still easier for company’s to get the rights to distribute when DRM is involved.  This means that Netflix just decided to either take the easy route or decided they didn’t want to pay the price for DRM free content.

Which ever it is they now use technology for streaming that doesn’t support Linux.

In this case Netflix get’s a big F.

Netflix needs to know that as Linux users we are unsatisfied with this.  In order to accomplish this Michael G. Paez started a petition at petitiononline.com:


Make sure to sign the petition and help Netflix realize they should not ignore the Linux users community.

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