Got Some New Ink Thursday

New Tattoo

Zibu symbol for Friendship

It was long overdue for both Marcy and I to get some ink done.  The tattoo itself is the Zibu symbol for Friendship for those who don’t know Zibu is said to be the language of angels.  Sort of heaven’s shorthand.

We decided to get this symbol together with Jody a very close friend of ours.  Travis Popp is the artist he started working at Algood Ink Tattoo in Dixon, CA. this week.  In-fact Jody was his first customer at Algood Ink.

We decided to go by the shop on Wednesday we had intended to have the tat. done by Josh but he was fully booked for the next two weeks.  He pointed us to Travis Popp who had just started at the shop that day.

We looked at his portfolio and talked to him for a bit.  We liked his vibe and decided to go with him instead, because the girls didn’t want to wait.  The design we decided on earlier in the day.  I used the trusted Google and found a clear reference.  We gave Travis full reign and he drew us a quick example.  Jody and Marcy both like electric blue so when Jody suggested that for the color we where all set to book the appointment.

Jody gettin tattedThe next day we went in to take a look at the design Travis drew up.  We liked what we saw.  6.00 PM time for PAIN.  Jody was the first to go under the needle she doesn’t like the pain at all but she said this wasn’t to bad.  She had the tat put on her shoulder.

We had tats put on our feet.  Tatting three people doesn’t take really that long but between three setups and tear downs it took until 10:45 PM to get all of us done.  Normally the shop closes at 9:00 PM but Josh kept the shop open for us so we didn’t have to stop in the middle of my tat. lol.

It was a great experience and I would like to recommend Algood Ink and Travis Popp to any one thinking about getting a tat.  More pictures below.


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Website: Algood Ink

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