Monthly Archives: April 2010

Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Released Today

As I’m writing this my laptop is upgrading from 9.10 to the new 10.o4 LTS version of Kubuntu. Kubuntu released the new version today.( [...]

Nieuwe Auto, Nieuwe Tattoo

Het is een tijdje geleden dat ik weer eens wat gepost heb.  lol hopelijk werkt het posten naar Hyves nog steeds. We hebben een nieuwe auto. [...]

Got Some New Ink Thursday

It was long overdue for both Marcy and I to get some ink done.  The tattoo itself is the Zibu symbol for Friendship for those who don’ [...]

Why Netflix Sucks

In February I decided to act on a free trial offer.  This offer was for a free trial for a month.  I have always wondered if Netflix would [...]
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