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Shinobi Ninja Bandmembers-Turned-Avatars Find iPhone App Helps Them Battle their Way to Success

Sometimes you find stuff that’s just interesting to see I received this in my mail today and I have to say kudo’s to Shinobi Ninja for going out there and finding a market for there music. A little less Linux related but I think it’s worth a mention….

NEW YORK, NY, February 22, 2010 – These days it is harder than ever for independent bands to get noticed in the music world and break through to the next level.

That’s why when New York City-based rock/rap group Shinobi Ninja created their app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, they knew it had to be not only new and different, but also a property that would help market their unique brand to their fans, and even expand their fan base. In the first three weeks of
availability, “ Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!” has been downloaded more than 5,000 times, and Twitter followers, Facebook fans and MySpace friends have also increased. “It’s like we have rocked five sold out shows at Grammercy Theater in less than one month,” mused Dave Machinist, drummer and bandleader.

Perhaps the biggest positive development for the band has been the industry reaction to Shinobi Ninja since the app released on February 1, 2010. “We had A&R requests from three major record labels and several booking agents the day after our app released,” said Machinist. “That was way beyond what we’d hoped or even dreamed.”

“Everybody’s using social media to connect with fans, but until we came along there were few bands that were building apps that were good at driving deeper fan engagement with their music and their overall brands,” said manager Stephen Sternschein. “Our app has already begun to help us achieve our goals of bringing our current fans closer to us, and it’s expanding our fan base far beyond New York City, to places as far away as Asia and the U.K.”

Shinobi Ninja has realized a 10 percent conversion rate from the free “lite” version of the game to the full retail version (i.e., users downloaded the free app then paid to download the retail version), which compares favorably to the industry standard conversion rate of half a percent to five percent for iPhone apps. According to Sternschein, “our conversion rate is so much higher than average, because we’ve been focusing mostly on our strong fan base for initial sales, and we expect it to climb even higher, when we take it on the road to the South by Southwest Music Festival in a few weeks. It’s a great tool to help new fans discover the band and stay connected with us, once we’ve performed in their home towns.”

About “Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks” iPhone App
Part cartoon video game, part music video, and part music/video player, “Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!” is an app developed by rock/rap band Shinobi Ninja for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It integrates digital music and video into a classic eight-bit video-game environment, so players get immersed in the band’s imagined cartoon world and are rewarded for playing with free music downloads, music videos, and promotional merchandise. Developed by Shinobi Ninja Video Game, Llc., a partnership of Shinobi Ninja and Heard Games, “Shinobi Ninja Attacks” was designed and animated by Interabang Entertainment, with software programming by Cerulean Games. A “lite” version is available free from the App Store; the fully loaded retail version sells for $3.99.

About Shinobi Ninja
Shinobi Ninja, is an independent rock/rap group comprised of six New York City performers: lead singers DA and Baby Girl, bassist Jonny on the Rocks, drummer Terminator Dave, guitarist Maniac Mike, and DJ Axis Powers. Inspired by acts as diverse as Nirvana, Janet Jackson, Faith No More, Sublime, and the Beastie Boys, Shinobi Ninja crafts their own brand of party music into an eclectic mix of musical styles designed to appeal to a wide variety of music fans. Shinobi Ninja recently debuted their latest extended-play (EP) single, “Brooklyn to Babylon,” and they recently released their first video game app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch,
Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks.” Their latest music video can be viewed here. Shinobi Ninja’s next album is scheduled for release Spring 2010. Join Shinobi Ninja at Twitter.com/shinobininja. For more
information, visit www.shinobininja.com.

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