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Busy, Downtime Again, Server Move

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Next to being busy, there where problems again with my Dreamhost account.  That and the fact that Dreamhost started moving server around the beginning of November, causing more downtime, made me decide to move once again.

After only 6 months with Dreamhost I had all the downtime I can take.  I want people to be able to visit my blogs and Dreamhost stopped me from making that possible.  I canceled the Dreamhost PS and moved everything to a new VPS server hosted far far away from Dreamhost.

It’s not as cheap as Dreamhost but I have control over everything.  From initial install to optimizing the server.  It’s all me now.  A little daunting but exiting as well.

I have everything I had hosted with Dreamhost working, most sites now load faster then they used to.

I’ve been busy with a new pet project.  I was able to buy a great domain name in October and didn’t even have to think what the domain would be used for.  Check out fantasy-rpg.com for yourself. If you like playing video games online on the PC or otherwise check it out. It’s filled with information about and guides for MMOROG games.

I’ve been really lucky with fantasy-rpg.com one of the founder of Zownder.com was looking for a new home and I’m pleased to announce the Zownder.com team is now working with fantasy-rpg.com to bring you the best in MMORPG and gaming news.

In the months to come you will probably see more changes I might change the theme again on madberry.org but that’s a big maybe because I really like the theme that is on here right now.

More technical posts will follow I have a few ideas so keep an eye on this blog.

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