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Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Gaming Chassis Review

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout

Cooler Master sent me the CM Storm Scout. This is the  second chassis in the CM Storm series.  The  CM Storm is totally geared for the gamers.  The website for the CM Storm, features gaming hardware ranging from mouse pads to mouse and chassis to fans.  Also you can find news of the Storm teams, some of the worlds best gamers who play in tournaments organized by CM Storm.

Differences Between the Sniper and the Scout

The Scout at  first glance looks very different then the Sniper.  It its no as “fat” as the Sniper.  Therefore this case is easier to handle when traveling from home to LAN parties.  Just like the Sniper, the Scout has  a handle on top for easy lifting.  This handle is not just a piece of plastic attached to the outside of  the case.  It is actually part of the metal chassis of  gaming case.

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