Back To Business As Usual

This week I started work again.  I’ll be writing some articles for the Linux Channel on Bright Hub.  Just in case you missed some of my articles that were published on Bright Hub, here are some that you might have missed.:

Krusader – The Best You’ll Find in File Browsing
Mitter: Perfect Twitter Desktop Client for Linux
How to Install Kubuntu With Wubi
How to Install Kubuntu? Should I Migrate From Windows to Linux Kubuntu?
Introduction to Kubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 with KDE4
Make Kubuntu Functional: Perfect*buntu-1.5.3 Will Install Flash & Java and Other Useful Packages
Web Browsers on Linux
Use your Ipod With Amarok: Linux and iPod Sync Techniques
How Compatible Is Your Network Adapter With Linux?
Add Repositories of Your Favorite Packages to SOURCES.LIST
Ktorrent – One of the Best Torrent Clients for Linux
Ever Wondered How To Get Utorrent To Work On Linux?

For a list of all of my articles at Bright Hub got to the Bright Hub page on this blog.

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