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Dreamhost Update

Everything seems to be back to normal. I fixed it by going Dreamhost PS JeffM one of the Dreamhost support guys was sympathetic to my situation and fast tracked the Dreamhost PS setup. I also got a monthly discount on that PS and this helped in my decision to stay with Dreamhost.

I did do some more research on the 500 error problem. I found that this error has everything to do with resources. Dreamhost then confirmed this by e-mail when the PS went through. The e-mail reads:

Sometimes, if you’ve set your levels WAY too low (you’ll get “500
internal server errors” or other problems), you’ll need to reboot
your private server (it’s super-quick) before resetting your memory:

Which to me confirms that resources on the shared hosting server are over taxed causing 500 errors. Maybe Dreamhost should consider allocating more resources or reducing the amount of websites per server.

Being the cheapest is nice but being the most trustworthy one would be better. If you do a search on dreamhost problems on google or search Dreamhost on twitter you’ll see the 500 error pop-up almost every day.

You would think if this happens so much they would permanently fix it instead they blame the customer.

As said my problems are fixed and I’m happy for now. I can now get back to blogging and writing articles. Because of all these problems I have some huge backlog of hardware to review and article ideas to work on.

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