Dreamhost "Uber Fail" On Jubilee

I just moved hosting of all my domains to Dreamhost.  All was well until Sunday morning (17th of may) at about 1:32 AM or so,  an error 500 showed up. All of my blogs run on one WordPress installation using a method called Virtual MultiBlog.  This means that all blogs also share the plug-in directory.

If one blogs shows a 500 internal server error because of an error I made in one of the PHP scripts of a plug-in I’m working on then all blogs should have a 500 error.  This how ever was not the case only and had the 500 error.  My other blogs where slow but not showing the 500 error.  Because of this I knew that it was an error caused elsewhere on the server. and all of my other blogs are on a “shared” hosting server at Dreamhost called Jubilee.  This makes it apparently very difficult for Dreamhost to find the problem.  On a shared server all of the websites hosted on it share resources.  This means that if you or someone else starts running a script that takes up to many resources or breaks the Appache server all of the websites hosted on that server go down or get slow.

This was the case this Sunday.  Causing to go down for 23 hours and 15 Minutes.  This means no Adsense impressions (which pay for the hosting).  The only way to get around this would be to get a VPS (Virtual Private Server) However my one cardinal rule for running my blogs is that they cannot cost any money.  Help offered is offered for free after all.  Before the crash this weekend visitors where climbing.  But visitor numbers aren’t enough yet to warrant the higher cost of VPS.  We will get there but until we do this could happen again.

As of right now I have asked Dreamhost how they will compensate for this downtime.  I still have to move registration for all domains it would be nice to get a discount on the transfers.  We will see…

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