The Marcy Report

img_1695.jpgMarcy as you all know had her surgery yesterday.  Doctor Ali says she did great.  There where no complications.  Today she has the normal pains which are being treated with pain killers.

She would have gotten up at 4am but she was nauseous.  We will try again today.  For those who don’t know she has to get up and walking because of the blood cloths.  To prevent those they don’t only put the leg cuffs on they also want you to walk.

The picture above is from today.  The most pain she is having right now (which you can read of her face) is from the headache.  This headache is from the morphine which they stopped just now.  She will be getting tylenol instead.  The other pain that bothers her the most is her back.  This is from the bed.  The bed has a mattress on it that feels like brick.

More when I know more later.

PS Thanks for the flowers bigreddy aka Brenda

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